Decoding Astrology  

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Astrology predictions are based on movements and relative positions of celestial bodies with respect to the earth. The 12 zodiac signs were discovered due to the varying positions of celestial bodies are essential to an astrologer who is trying to predict the future. 

Dr.Gitanjali Saxena is an expert in astrology and is often considered to be the best astrologer in Mumbai. Her ideology about astrology predictions is that,  there is something in celestial bodies and planets which influences our lives and so we must be concerned about it.

Dr. Saxena, the best astrologer in Mumbai uses four techniques to make astrology predictions. They are -

  1. Solar and lunar return charts - This takes into account the positions of the sun and moon in their natal positions. Thus it gives a general prediction about a person’s future for a year.
  2. Progressions - This is an outdated method for making predictions but is surprisingly accurate. It considers one year as one day and then determines what influence a planet’s age will have on your future.
  3. Horary astrology -  This method is dependent on two factors - when was the question asked to seek a prediction and where was it asked. It then tries to make predictions by relying on certain rules.
  4. Transits - This method makes short-term predictions because it relies on the transit of fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. These planets are faster to transit because their orbits are smaller so they can cover a larger distance of the orbit in a smaller span of time.

Astrology may or may not be able to make extremely precise predictions about a person’s future. But it can definitely tell you what could go wrong in the future and what can be done now to rectify it.

Visit the best astrologer in Mumbai, Dr. Gitanjali Saxena to know more about astrology and how it can transform your entire life!


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